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Inspiration Comes From a Variety of Unexpected Sources

Inspiration Comes From a Variety of Unexpected Sources

It is hard to know when inspiration will strike, and the source of that inspiration can often be quite surprising. So when I came across a seemingly minor news item in a Minnesota paper, I was somewhat astonished by how the content of that article led to overwhelming feelings of inspiration. The article was about an award-winning chiropractic doctor, and after reading the article a few times over and considering its meaning, I realized the far-reaching implications of this man’s spirit of community and his willingness to go above and beyond solely for the benefit of others.

The story was about Dr. Richard Ottomeyer, a chiropractic doctor who had recently been named the Medicare Physician Champion Community of Practice Provider, an honor that is presented by the Centers of Medicare and Medicaid. Dr. Ottomeyer had earned the award because he had worked diligently to ensure that the medical community was educated regarding massive changes to something called the ICD-9, which outlines the potential diagnosis codes for the health diagnosis system. The changes Dr. Ottomeyer discussed with these medical professionals had to do with the expansion of those codes from 17,000 in the ICD-9 to over 64,000 in the new ICD-10.

Without Dr. Ottomeyer’s efforts, patients could have faced massive delays due to issues with adjusting the medical claims process. The doctor’s massive undertaking spanned the entire nation, all for the simple goal of avoiding the potential for a reduced level of care available to patients. While reading this article, I tried to parse out any personal benefit for Dr. Ottomeyer and was unable to find anything significant enough to warrant his nationwide efforts. It is clear to me this was done out of a desire to do what is best for others, and I found myself inspired to closely follow the doctor’s example.

From this point forward, I will remain committed to always trying to do what is in the best interest of others with no regard for my personal benefit. I have always thought of myself as someone who is keenly interested in helping others, but the scale of the doctor’s efforts has made me realize that there is far more that I can do for others if I am willing to put forth more time and effort. Thanks to that small news item in the Minnesota newspaper, I have been inspired to make a concerted effort to be much more altruistic in my actions.

On My Recent Rediscovery of the Joy of Gardening

On My Recent Rediscovery of the Joy of Gardening


Up until recently, I had forgotten how much I enjoyed the practice of gardening. My mother kept a garden in the backyard of my childhood home, and I used to thoroughly enjoy working in the dirt on weekends and caring for the array of fruits, vegetables and flowers we kept. In the time since then I have maintained little herb gardens strictly for cooking purposes, but for some reason I recently felt moved to prepare a few beds with the intent of taking up gardening again.

I spent an entire weekend getting the beds ready for planting, making sure I had the soil just right and that I had a clear idea just how much shade and just how much sun each bed would get on any given day. I headed to the nursery the following weekend and was completely shocked by how far my dollar went there.

I picked out some colorful flowering plants for instant gratification and picked up some seeds for the sake of testing my patience. When I returned home, I immediately began arranging the most ideal location for each plant and then spent the rest of my day planting everything I had brought home from the nursery. At the end of the day I was exhausted, but it was that happy kind of exhaustion that reminds you that you worked hard at doing something you truly enjoy.

Since that first day of planting I have tended to my little planting beds on a daily basis, checking for bugs, keeping the soil moist and even talking to each plant just a bit in case plants respond to encouragement. I cannot believe how much I have enjoyed gardening, and it has really been quite therapeutic. It is hardly work, and with a bit of luck I will soon be literally enjoying the fruits of my labor.