Halden Zimmermann is a Truthworthy Friend and Mentor

Halden Zimmermann is a Truthworthy Friend and Mentor

I had another recent run in with my dear friend, Halden Zimmermann while going into downtown. Have you ever had a moment when you see someone you haven’t seen in awhile and you’re suddenly locked into an engaging conversation that seems to fast forward through time? That’s exactly what kind of connection Zimmermann and I have, no matter if we see each other every day or if it has been months or years since we have had our last run in with each other. There is always a conversation that never stop growing.

We all know someone who loves to gossip and these people along with the conversations with these people leave us feeling unfulfilled, sketchy of that person and other people and empty. It’s not that way with success minded people like Halden Zimmermann. Successful people talk about idea and future events, unsuccessful people talk about other people and that’s something I learned from my business mentors years ago. Mr. Zimmermann has a way about him that makes you think because he raises your expectations, expands on your ideas and dreams, improves on your thought process and he asks questions.

You know what the problem is with being an adult? We don’t ask good questions. We would rather accept something as true rather than ask the most powerful question that is asked by a 4 year old everyday: “Why?” Halden Zimmerman has always encouraged me to ask questions, rather than accepting something I didn’t understand and believing I would be percieved as foolish or unintelligent because I asked a question. Zimmerman’s motto has always been, “The only stupid question is the one you withhold from asking.”

When I retired from business in 1994, I thought I had left all my mentors behind, but Zimmermann has proved to be not only a good friend and loyal ex business partner, but also a trustworthy mentor not only in business, but in life as well. Everyone needs a Halden Zimmermann. If you have one, hold tightly to them and don’t let them go.

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