Seven Ways to Prepare Yourself for Spring Allergies

Seven Ways to Prepare Yourself for Spring Allergies

Spring allergies hit some harder than others. The main thing is to prepare yourself for when these allergies hit. Dr. Summit Shah shares seven ways to best prepare yourself.

1) Set an appointment with an allergy doctor long before spring hits. Some doctors end up having appointments books months in advance. Are there are drugs you are currently taking during this time? Do not wait for spring to hit. Start using them accordingly. This will reduce the impact when allergy season does hit. Speak with your doctor about the types of medications you should be using. Some of the products on the market may not prove helpful for you.

2) Avoid the pollen as much as you can. Change your clothes as soon as you get home. Vacuum regularly. Get into the habit of showering or taking a bath before bed. You will sleep better at night, even with the pollen in the air. The best way to be on the defense with pollen is to have an offensive plan.

3) Remove as much mold as you can from your home. Mold will attract the pollen. Repair any leaks there may be in your house. How many of you use a dehumidifier? Clean it out daily. Use clean water every day. Remove any mold before it builds up.

3) You will need to plan your outdoor activities around the pollen. Sorry. Those who live in hot, dry climates, you should be indoors by the time the pollen hits hard. The better time to be outside in the morning is between 5-10 a.m. Anytime after this is going to be trouble. Avoid being outside in the afternoon heat as much as possible. Are you a runner? You may want to run during the early morning hours, as was mentioned above.

4) Get updates from sites that offer news on pollen. This is one of the better ways to stay ahead of the game. You can also download a weather app to your phone. This app will come in handy.

5) Some of you may want to consider doing something called “nasal irrigation”. This is when you go into your nose and sinuses and remove all the toxins. This is especially effective for those who are hit harder during allergy season. This should be done a few times a week. Talk to your doctor before you begin this regiment. He or she may have some helpful suggestions for you.

6) You can try acupuncture, as long as you can afford it. Studies have shown that those who get these treatments 3-4 times a week do see a reduction in their allergy symptoms.

7) Get prepared before the season begins. Start buying up the supplies you will need. Things like tissues and inhalers are must-haves for anyone who suffer from allergies. Do you need a new inhaler? Speak with your doctor about getting a new one. Do not forget to talk to your insurance company. This is only to verify that your supplies will be covered under your plan.

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